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Chairman’s Message

UCG Gujranwala is established to provide high-quality legal education which can produce good lawyers to help them spread law awareness among the peoples along with good & authentic legal system in our country.

The main purpose of University College Gujranwala is to offers law education which would equip the students to give excellent services to the people with wisdom as well as help them to legal excellence and leadership. UCG is committed to provide best academic infrastructure for legal education under the guidance of dedicated team of law faculty and top and experienced successful legal practitioners and in our field that will help enriching students for achieving professional approach which can help common people to get justice with peace. The knowledge of constitution of Pakistan will further help the upcoming future legal practitioners to excelled our services in meaningful and responsible way and great commitment of the society.

Welcome you to one of the top institute UCG Gujranwala and thanks for choosing our College and University. We assure our students will achieve their goal in a compassionate learning environment and warm academic atmosphere at college & university campus. We are also committed to transform you as good human being and responsible citizen of the country .we hope that you’re enjoyable and passionate stay at the college and university campus may be memorable and may always remain good memory to be cherished foe their rest of the lives.

Mian Imran Riaz