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    1. Can I practice in London after doing the UOL distance learning LLB?

    Yes. You can practice
    in London after this degree.

    2. What higher study programmes do I become
    eligible for after an LLB?

    You can apply for a Master’s
    programme or Bar Vocational Course/LPC or even go ahead and pursue a degree in
    a separate field, say like a business degree. LLB gives you a sound base and
    will always benefit you regardless of the profession you eventually choose.

    3. What is the eligibility criterion?

    You should have
    cleared a minimum of 2 A level subjects.

    If you have studied
    from the local system, you need to have completed a BA/BSC degree

    4. Why is Foundation
    year required?

    Enrollment in Standard
    entry LLB requires 13 years of education. In order to fill up that gap of one
    year after intermediate, UCG is offering Foundation year (Diploma in Law) 

    5. What are the minimum grades I should have in
    my A-levels?

    The minimum is “D”s.
    But it depends on overall grades, so you are advised to contact us for further

    You additionally
    require a minimum C in O level English; otherwise you are advised to take the
    IELTS. Again the requirement

    6. What if I already have a bachelor’s degree?

    Provided you have a 4
    year bachelor’s degree or a foreign Bachelor’s degree, UoL has a graduate entry
    programme that you can apply for. It’s a 2 year programme. You are exempted
    from three subjects whom the other students in the Standard entry 3 year
    programme have to study.

    7. What is the payment mode to the UOL?

    Bank drafts/preferably
    credit card, We at SIL can help in arranging the bank draft subject to a small
    fee, but the dispatch formality is the student’s responsibility.

    8. What is the fee breakdown?

    Fee structures are
    easily available on the UOL website and are regularly updated.

    9. What is the passing score?

    The passing score is 40
    out of 100

    10. Is UoL LLB degree
    recognized in Pakistan?

    Yes. It is recognized
    by the HEC, Punjab and other provincial Bar Councils around the country as well
    as the Pakistan bar Council. It is also recognized by other legal entities.

    11. Can I get a
    license to practice after getting my UoL LLB Degree?

    The license procedure
    is the same as it is for the Local LLB Degree.

     12. Can I appear in Bar/LLM after my UoL LLB?

    Yes. You can appear in
    Bar at Law/LLM after this degree which normally takes 9 to complete. There’s no
    requirement of GDL prior to Bar at Law as it is for Local LLB. 

    13. Am I eligible to
    practice in other countries as well after this degree?

    Yes. You can practice
    in any common wealth country with some extra modules to get registered in their
    Bar council such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.