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We are the pioneer provider of international legal programs in Gujranwala and our major competitive advantage is our guiding criteria where we enable students/learners to become future lawyer or legal advisors by making them learn in a realistic, professional and modern context with dynamic & practical involvement. For that purpose, we have our established legal clinics and contact hours high.


University College Gujranwala is committed to ensure the best technological & academic progress. The College’s aim is to be a part of knowledgeable developing society through high quality research & training utilizing the most modern teaching method. The college is committed towards providing a dynamic learning environment that uses ICT mode of education.


University College Gujranwala is focused on the provision of practical knowledge by engaging students in real life cases and enabling them to implement new and structured knowledge by drawing conclusions on the cases.

Vision statement

Our vision is to be a progressive world class institute, improvising the way of legal education worldwide.

Mission Statement

The mission of University College Gujranwala is to achieve a number of learners to develop a knowledge society and promote legal education by establishing a competitive & prestigious environment.

Value Statement

We value a rich and fair tradition of legal education and are committed towards our students/staff involvement, integrity & respect.