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Privacy Policy & Data Protection

Privacy policy

This policy explains what type of personal information will be collected from you on the visit of our website and how it will be used. To bring this into your knowledge, this policy applies to the College’s main website, all departments, faculties, academic services and libraries. If you are following any other link that is related to our website, please check their policies before you provide any information. Our institute is only responsible for the information you submit to us directly or from our main website (

Information collected

On some part of the website you may be asked to enter some personal information for the provision of certain services, i.e, applying for admission etc. Our college will store the information electronically or manually depending on the requirement type. By providing this information you are showing your consent to allow the university to utilize this information for the purpose it was supplied. Information you provide us will be saved in our systems till the time it is required and necessary, later it will be sent to our data warehouses keeping the track of old record and data. We may also collect information about our IP address, cookies, operating system and your browsing actions to provide you the required data in an effective pattern for you and your system (PC).

How the information gathered will be used?

The information provided by you will be used for purpose it was requested. It is to assure you that the information will not be sent or provided to any third party even for SMS marketing, without your permission. Personal information is held or processed by the university in accordance with Data Protection Act 1998. Any disclosure of this personal information collected will be in the form of a summary with no individual identities.

How we store the information?

The information required by us electronically or manually will be stored on our secure web servers. We will ensure that the data is treated in accordance with the data protection policies. We will be liable to disclose any private information to a third party if that is required in order to comply with any legal obligation.


The primary purpose of this data protection policy is to protect individuals connected to us by any means, against the possible misuse of the information they provide to us. It is the policy of the college to ensure that all the staff, students and faculty is aware of the responsibilities that come in connection with this policy. The Act takes in consideration that protection of data that is saved in computer files or manual files.

The Principles of Act requires that the personal data shall be processed fairly and by legal means, be only used for the specified purposes, not to be kept any longer than necessary, be up-to-date, be secured and not transferred to third party without the individual’s consent or if that has to comply with the legal obligation in any way.

The college ensures security of the personal data that includes information race, ethnicity, political beliefs, religious or other beliefs & convictions or criminal allegations.