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Find out about our experienced and cooperative Faculty Members.

UCG Faculty Members

Rao Sultan Ali Tahir

Ex. District & Session Judge Rao Sultan Ali Tahir, Former District & Sessions Judge and former…

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Mr Musharraf Nazir

LLB, LLM, Advocate High Court Mr. Musharraf Nazir is a prestigious and prominent name in teaching…

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Mr Chand Ashraf

LLB, LLM, University of London Mr. Chand Ashraf, Deputy Director FIA and Former Assistant Director ANF…

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Mr Sufyan Ali Chaudhary

LLB, LLM, Advocate High Court Mr. Sufiyan Ali Ch. is a leading name in teaching University…

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Mr Arfat Zafar Rathor

LLB Hons (UOL), High Court Attorney Mr. Arfat Zafar Rathore a dedicated, versatile and detail oriented…

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Rana Azhar Siddique

Deputy Secretary (Legislation) AZHAR SIDDIQUE, A PHD Scholar in IIUI (Islamic International University Islamabad) is currently…

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Mr Saad Saud Tarar

Advocate High Court Mr. Muhammad Saad Saud Tarar, a reputed and experienced criminal defense attorney has…

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Mr Muhammad Awais Ikram

Mr. Muhammad Awais Ikram holds an eminently good educational background by being a recipient of Qualifying…

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Mr. Shahid Bhatti

Mr. Shahid Bhatti is a proficient corporate law expert and senior management executive with more than…

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